Pumped Screeds

AG Floor Solutions offer a range of cement based liquid screeding solutions for both new and existing floors.

We can install a variety of rapid drying self levelling compounds and renovation screeds quickly and to an unrivalled finish through the use of our state of the art MTEC M330 mixer pump.

The bagged products can be quickly mixed and pumped into place. Ideal for levelling existing uneven floors during a house renovation or as part of the installation process of retrofit under floor heating systems.

We can cover large areas in one day and the rapid setting products can be trafficked in as little as 4 hours avoiding delays on site.

Once poured there is no further preparation required to the screed and depending on the product and installation depth, floor coverings such as tiles can commence as soon as the next day. Ideal for tight deadlines.


Key Features

  • Quick - 100 bags can be mixed and installed per hour
  • Clean - all mixing done outside the property
  • Consistent product:water mix ratio
  • Constant supply of fresh material - no wet on dry join
  • Excellent self levelling capabilities
  • Quick drying - avoid costly project delays
  • High heat retention
  • Suitable for tiling or many other floor coverings after just two days
  • Large areas can be covered in one installation
  • Laitance free products - No sanding required!
Recent Work

Ideal for levelling existing uneven floors during a house renovation or as part of the installation process of retro fit under floor heating systems...


Latest Technology

  • M-tec M330
  • Output: Up to 45 lites per minute
  • Pumping distance: Up to 60m
  • Pumping Height : Up to 30m
  • Consitent mix ratios maintained
  • Bonded installations - (3mm - 50mm)
  • Unbonded installations - (20mm - 50mm)
  • Floating installations - (30mm - 50mm)*

*For large floating installations a Pre-Mixed Screed can be a more cost effective option - We can advise as necessary.


The Installation Process

  1. The floor is prepared (UFH fitted if required)
  2. Screed product is delivered to site on pallets
  3. Tripod screed markers are laser set to the datum point
  4. The mixer pump is set up outside the property
  5. Hoses are run from the machine to the work area
  6. The compound is machine mixed and pumped into place
  7. The fresh compound is dappled to achieve a perfect finish
  8. The floor is typically walkable in 3-4 hours
  9. UFH must be commissioned prior to floor coverings
  10. Final floor coverings can commence after UFH commissioning
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